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Adobe Captivate 2019

Выпущен новый релиз Adobe Captivate 2019.

Подробнее на моем канале - https://youtu.be/FhJGPrcBJqE

Наконец то выпустили новую версию Adobe Captivate.

Мой обзор новых возможностей Adobe Captivate 2017:


С новым годом!

Всех с наступающим Новым 2017 годом!

Успехов в бизнесе и карьере в следующем году!
Новогодний выпуск на канале ProCaptivate - https://youtu.be/gsXz6UTmTjo.



Welcome to my website!

  I am an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Adobe Captivate, working in E-learning area more than 8 years.

I provide following services:

 -  Implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) & Course Management Systems (CMS), add-ons for this systems;
  - Creation of E-learning courses;
 -  Methodology and training.

My clients: "Softline», «Bosch», GazProm, SberBank, «Positive Technologies», «Nikomed», «Stockmann», "Technosila" and others.
  Have Сertificate/diploma and medal from President of the Russian Federation - for significant contribution to a preparation and also work during event of XXII Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi.

In  my projects planning I usually use PMBoK methodology.

Creation of E-learning courses:

   I can offer you creation of e-learning courses, that supports SCORM, TinCan and AICC.
     CONTACT ME and you'll get a full cycle of e-learning course creation.
  I'll help you write a script of your future course. If it necessary, a professional designer can create design of your course according to your requirements.
  Courses can contain  simple animation, images, text, video, quiz and other complex elements: interactive animation, practical exercises (eg placement of a product or simulation work with the equipment).
  Also design of courses and navigation buttons can be made according to requirements of your Brand-book.

Examples of my e-learning courses (entire & fragments):

 I. Courses in SWF (Flash-based):

  1. Training on new products (household appliances)

  2. Visualization of information & infographic (training on implemention of new loyalty program)

  3. Simulator of slow motion control panel

  4. Simulator - setting up the satellite equipment of Flyaway

  5. Dialog with a customer

  6. Software training

  7. Conversation script - test 

  8. Software training 


 II. Courses in HTML5: 

  1. Training on new products (household appliances)

  2Visualization of information & infographic (training on implemention of new loyalty program)

  3. Dialog with a customer

  4. Software training

  5. Conversation script - test

  6. Promotion - training

  7. Software training


   Courses can be published as SWF and HTML5. Courses in HTML5 can be created in responsive design. This courses will be adapted for the Ipad, Iphone (et al. Mobile devices). Also the courses can use geo-location information if user have this possibility on his device/computer.

  Also any course can be converted into a mobile application for IOS, Android, Windows,  Blackberry and others.

Implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Course Management Systems (CMS), add-ons for this systems:

 Also I have a huge experience in providing services in e-learning area, worked with the following systems: Mirapolis Knowledge Center, Mirapolis Virtual Room, WebTutor, Moodle, Open edX, Prometheus, JoomlaLMS, SharepointLMS, Adobe Connect Pro, Plateau, ITyLearning and so on.

  You will receive highly qualified work in the implementation of  LMS or CMS!

  I'll help you to choose the most suitable system for your needs and budget. I also can make all Blueprint documents for your custom needs. At a stage of Implementation
 of the system, I can take the work of its implementation and integration with other systems.

  I am also an author of trainings on the software.

  List of my tranings:

“Effective work with "Adobe Captivate® 9". Advanced course.”  (16 hours)
“Effective work with "Adobe Captivate® 9". Basic course.” (8 hours)

“Effective work with "Adobe Captivate® 8". Advanced course.” (14 hours)

“Effective work with "Adobe Captivate® 8". Basic course.” (8 hours)

“Effective work with "Adobe Captivate® 7"” (8 hours)

“Effective work with "Adobe Captivate® 6"” (8 hours)

“ADOBE ROBOHELP® as an instrument of technical writer” (6 hours)

“ADOBE ROBOHELP®, as a tool for e-learning courses creation" (4 hours)

  Each training can be provided as webinar on your personal individual schedule.
During the training you will do practical exercises in the software. This exercises will be checked during the training.
  It also can be full-time training in the classroom at your request.

The Prices and programs of any training - will be sent on request.
Please feel free to ask me any questions about trainings!




Сell phone (Vietnam) -

+84 (128) 642-50-64






Also you can find me in Viber  by this number +7 (926) 975 95 59


Facebook official page - https://www.facebook.com/procaptivate

My video tutorials for Adobe Captivate® you can find in this group on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1655177258061855


My YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ857_a1IfybSKfnME-O8MQ


 Best regards,

Vladislav Volokhov